Their Fight Is Our Fight is an event put together by the Filipino MMA, FMA, and Boxing community to help raise money for typhoon victims in the Philippines.

Our story

How it started…

On September 26th, 2009 I had no idea typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines till I read the trending topics on twitter. I made fun of the name Ondoy and tweeted “what the heck is an Ondoy?” I then received responses of the tragedy that hit the Philippines. I quickly deleted my tweet in shame of not keeping up with the current events and went to You Tube to see what tragedy hit the country my grandparents came from.

Thinking about all the struggling starving families in the Philippines who lost their homes, lives and family members I knew I could make a difference. More importantly I knew that WE as a community can make a difference! Thirty cents could feed on person in the Philippines. Knowing that, I wanted to help and put an MMA charity event together.

I went to The Underground and made a thread in PinoyGround titled What can we do to help? From then on ideas started rolling and big names in the MMA and Filipino community started to come on board like Brandon Vera, Mark Munoz, Arianny Celeste, TapouT, Fight Chix, Legends MMA Training Center, Fil-Am Arts, Kababayan LA, Little Manila Foundation, etc. Next thing you know, Their Fight Is Our Fight (TFIOF) was created.

October is Filipino American History Month. TFIOF will make history being the first Filipino-American MMA event on October 25th, 2009.

Special thanks to my compadres Paul Factora, Winston Emano from Fil-Am Arts, Brandon Vera, Mark Munoz, Shane Del Rosario, Romy Adanza, and Arianny Celeste. None of this could be possible without their help and compassion to help our brothers and sisters in the Philippines too.

Maraming Maraming Salamat!

Kind regards,
Tamara ‘Miss Rara’ Suguitan
Paul Factora
Winston Emano
Co-founders of Their Fight Is Our Fight